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Components & Cladding Specialty Engineers deliver reliable solutions that exceed industry standards.

Every CCSE project features the perfect alignment of practical engineering and structural integrity with contemporary aesthetic appeal and rugged performance. Our goal is to be the premier partner for glazing contractors, manufacturers, drafters, and architects that are seeking excellence in components and cladding engineering; we plan to do so by firmly committing ourselves to collaboration, forward-thinking design, precision, quality, and client satisfaction. Ultimately, we aim to shape the future of the built environment by providing solutions that stand the test of time.

CCSE Services

Components & Cladding Specialty Engineers create reliable components and cladding solutions.
Curtain wall engineering from CCSE

Curtain Wall Engineering

Storefronts engineering from CCSE

Storefront Engineering

Guard Rail Engineering

Architectural metal panels engineering from CCSE

Architectural Metal Panel Engineering

Translucent Panels engineering from CCSE

Translucent Panel Engineering

Aluminum sunshades engineering from CCSE

Sunshade Engineering

Louvers engineering from CCSE

Louver Engineering

Interior Glass Wall engineering from CCSE

Interior Glass Wall Engineering

Glass Canopy engineering from CCSE

Glass Canopy Engineering

At Components & Cladding Specialty Engineers, we strive to deliver reliable components and cladding solutions that exceed industry standards. Our team is currently licensed to provide services in 42 states.


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The CCSE Team

Matt McCutcheon CCSE

Matt McCutcheon

Principal Owner, PE

Andrew Bakewell CCSE

Andrew Bakewell

Principal Owner

Darrell Milam

Darrell Milam

Principal Owner